Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Procrastination At Its Finest

I am obsessed with fashion blogs. I read them all day, can hardly wait for updates and check archives instead of doing school work. In fact, I am even writing my final seminar paper on fashion blogging and how they demonstrate labor in the new media environment. Even though I'm writing about blogs, I still can't tear myself away from my favorite blogs and as a final resort of procrastination have decided to start my own. So here it is! Inspired by my favorite bloggers and my BFF Erin, blogger of Ashes of Laughter fame, I am launching Wear So Well.

For my first post, I'm going to give you links to my favorite blogs so you can browse them while waiting for updates from your new favorite blog: Wear So Well.

Fashionista: Updated multiple times a day, this is the go-to blog for fashion news, photos shoots, shopping, and more.

The Sartorialist: Street style photographer Scott Schuman's blog is a great source of inspiration. I especially love his photos of older people and children that show how inspiration can come from the most unlikely of sources.

Garance Dore: Garance Dore, girlfriend of Scott Schuman, writes a blog includes street style, gorgeous illustrations and beautiful photographs with a decidedly French flair.

Cupcakes and Cashmere: Fabulous outfits, delicious-looking food and inspiring home style make up this eclectic blog.

The Cut: The fashion blog from New York Magazine is snarky, informative and often hilarious including Q&As with fashion insiders and model profiles.

Teen Fashionista: One of my first fashion blogs to read, Casey Lewis's honest blog provides a college-life perspective while staying in touch with big city fashion.

Ashes of Laughter: My best friend Erin provides shopping tips, her own outfit photos and opinions on celebrity fashion which all prove her cool sense of style.

These are just a few of my favorites that I visit everyday. Keep an eye out for more amazing blogs in the future! And I'll be back with more interesting posts soon.

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